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Can Bitsoft 360 be Associated With Other Phrases?

Yes, lately Bitsoft 360 can be related to 360 Bit Capex and more recently Bit Capex Pro 360 they all relate to same cryptocurrency auto-trading platform. It’s mission is to allow everyone to trade during the cryptocurrency boom even it’s still the most lucrative investment of the 21st century, despite what many people think.

Is Bitsoft 360 App compatible with Android and iOS devices?

Bitsodft 360 App provides its tools via popular platforms such as the MT4, cTrader, and other broker-provided proprietary systems.

The platforms through which the tools are offered are available in multiple versions. These include web, mobile, and desktop. The mobile versions support trading via Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones.

You need to complete the signup on the homepage of this site to access the download links. Only the trading platform downloaded through this site offers the Bit Capex Pro 360 App tools.

How do I apply the Bitsoft 360 App risk control tools?

Bit Capex Pro 360 App provides top-notch risk management tools and resources. The tools are provided through the supported trading platforms.

As stated above, we are compatible with popular platforms such as the MT4 and the cTrader. However, you must access these platforms through the brokers linked on this page. You must complete the signup to get linked to these brokers.

Please note that you can’t use the Bit Capex Pro 360 App tools and resources through unsupported brokers.

How do I access the Bitsoft 360 App premium tools?

360 Bit Capex App offers most of its resources and tools for free. However, you need to pay a premium to access the tools dedicated to professional wealth management.

These tools are for trading portfolio managers. You have a high chance of building a powerful business through these tools. You should contact our team on signup for more details on professional wealth management.

The 360 Bit Capex App professional wealth management tools are provided through a unique link shared via email.

Can I use the Bitsoft 360 App tool through any broker?

You can only use the Bitsoft 360 App tools via a designated broker. The broker is assigned after completing the initial registration process on our official website.

We are collaborating with 20+ leading global CFDs brokers. These brokers provide a variety of tradable instruments across all asset classes. We are committed to transparency and only partner with institutions under strict regulatory guidelines.


How does trading leverage/margin affect my account?

Leveraged/margin trading involves the use of debt capital to magnify trades. The debt capital is provided by the broker.

Moreover, it’s offered in relation to the invested capital. A trading margin of 100:1 implies that you can trade a position worth up to $100 for every $1 of the deposit. Some brokers provide a trading margin of up to 5000:1. The risk associated with margin trading depends on the asset on trade.

Is leveraged online trading recommended for beginners?

Leverage increases profitability, but it also has the potential to magnify losses. Overleveraging your trading account can result in devastating losses.

Failure to use a Negative Balance Protection feature can lead to negative losses. Beginner traders should use leverage sparingly. Bit Capex Pro 360 provides the resources to help determine the trading margin level that suits your risk appetite. A tutorial is provided to help you understand the risk control process.

What is a Stop Loss, and how does it impact my trading account?

A Stop Loss is a tool that prevents you from closing a losing trade too soon or too late. This tool prevents anxiety-driven trading decisions.

Fear-influenced trading decisions are likely to lead to losses. You are also likely to fail if you are always chasing losses. The Stop Loss filters out emotions in trading decision-making. This tool is available through the MT4 and the cTrader.

What is a Take Profit, and how does it impact my trading account?

Take Profit is a tool that helps you predetermine when a profitable trade should close. This tool prevents you from holding an already profitable trade for too long.

Most traders fail because of making an emotions-driven trading decision. Greed prevents you from closing winning trades hence leading to a reversal of the positive trading outcome. The Take Profit tool helps you predetermine when a winning trade should close.