What makes Bitsoft 360 your best trading partner?

Quality trading Signals

The signals generated through the Bitsoft 360 also seen on the web as Bit Capex Pro 360 tools are superior to those generated through traditional trading research methods. You are likely to achieve huge success when trading with us. Many have tried us and achieved their trading goals.


Top-notch performance

Bitcoin Lidex 360 improves the quality of your trades hence maximizing the bottom line. Many traders have used our tools to build powerful trading strategies. These trading strategies have boosted the trading outcome. At least 90% of users report huge success.


Low Trading Risk!

Crypto trading can be super risky! The high volatility witnessed in this industry makes it extremely risky to trade. But you have nothing to fear since we have the tools to minimize the trading risk. The Bit Capex Pro 360 trading tools reduce trading risk by more than 90%.


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Features That Give Bitsoft 360 a Competitive Edge


Superior Trading Research Tools

Trading signals are generated from trading research. You need to perform quality trading research to generate the best trading strategies. Quality research involves big-data analysis. We provide the tools to help you analyze swaths of trading data at high speed. The high-speed data analysis ensures quality trades.


Advanced Trading Risk Management

Trading is super risky when you don’t have the right trading tools. We have developed top-notch trading risk management tools. These tools help you cut down the trading risk by a huge percentage. You only need to follow prompts to build and implement the risk management strategies. We help you align the risk strategy with your trading goals.


Easy-to-use Trading Tools

Our priority is to make profitable crypto trading accessible to all. We do so by providing tools that help you trade like a pro. These tools simplify trading research and order execution. Beginners can easily master the research process and implement their trading signals at the right speed.


The crypto industry is preparing for a massive rollercoaster! Bitsoft 360 helps you trade all the crypto cycles!

The Crypto industry has shed billions of dollars within six months following the inflation-triggered plummet. All the major cryptos have lost at least 70% of their value. Bitcoin has plummeted from an all-time high of $67,000 to a low of $17,000.

Such a drastic fall is not unexpected in crypto. In the past, the BTC lost more than 90% of its value before rebounding and rallying to unimaginable heights. Experts are upbeat that the crypto winter is in its last stages.

The industry is anticipated to bounce back in the next few months. If the experts’ reports are anything to go by, BTC will trade past $70,000 in the next six months. A major crypto boom will happen, pushing the BTC price past $100,000.

The industry rollercoaster translates to amazing money-making opportunities for crypto speculators. Bitcoin Lidex 360 tools are your best bet in trading the crypto cycles. We have recently introduced more tools to help you trade the crypto rollercoaster.

These tools will help you capture the volatility of all the trending cryptos, including the less-known ones. Any beginner should be able to build quality volatility trading signals through our trading tools. We provide all the necessary resources to help you prepare adequately.

We are the Masters of Short-selling – Bitsoft 360 and Bitcoin Lidex 360 are Equipped with Tools to help you Trade the Bear Market like a Pro!

The crypto markets are characterized by massive bull and bear markets. Generally rising prices define the bull market.

On the other hand, the bear market is characterized by generally falling prices. A pro trader must have strategies to capitalize on both the bull and the bear markets. Trading the bull market is easy, but you need extra skills to trade the bear market.

We eliminate the complexity of trading the bear market by offering tools to help you build advanced short-selling strategies. Short-selling helps you bet on generally falling prices. You don’t have to wrack your brain trying to understand the strategy. The 360 Bit Capex tools help you build these strategies easily.

You can build up to 10 short-selling strategies in less than 10 minutes and implement them simultaneously. There is a high likelihood of at least 80% of the strategies being profitable. However, the crypto markets are largely unpredictable, and therefore nothing is guaranteed.

The anticipated crypto boom will be characterized by numerous small booms and busts. You will likely achieve great success if you apply the trading tools as recommended. The short-selling techniques can be used for risk-hedging purposes. We offer a guide to help you balance your trades to reduce the trading risk by more than 80%. Please follow our trading guide closely to master all the tools.


Crypto can be super risky without a proper risk management plan! Bitsoft 360 helps you implement top-level risk-hedging strategies!

At least 90% of those who try online trading are likely to fail. Many people do not consider risk management when building their trading strategies.

The secret to successful trading is risk management. You will be profitable if you can manage your trading risk. Bit Capex Pro 360 has an extremely high success rate due to its investment in risk management tools. At least 30% of all our tools are for risk management planning and hedging purposes.

We help traders align trading with their risk appetite. You can measure your risk appetite by taking the in-depth test on our resources page. The tutorial videos on our trading resources centre explain the risk appetite test results. Risk appetite refers to the amount of risk that a trader is willing to take.

The risk appetite is determined by the trader’s psychology and financial status. We offer Stop Loss and Take Profit tools to help you align the trading with your risk appetite. The SL and TP tools filter out fear and greed in trading. These two emotions are the worst enemy of proper decision-making in trading.

Bitcoin Lidex 360 cuts down the trading risk by a whopping 90%. But don’t assume that trading is risk-free. There is still a possibility of losses, especially if you have not set the bot as instructed in the trading guide.

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