How Was Bitsoft 360 Created?

Introducing the Founding Team

Bitsoft 360 was brought to life by a quartet of astute quants, boasting an impressive cumulative experience of two decades on the bustling streets of Wall Street. Their noble objective? To create an unrivaled platform, empowering fledgling investors to harness the immense potential of data-driven investing.

Fast forward to today, and our team has flourished, now comprising fifteen brilliant quants and four esteemed crypto analysts. We consistently seek out the most exceptional talent to bolster our ranks. The Bitsoft 360 team remains steadfast in its pursuit of crafting innovative tools and resources, designed to equip newcomers with the means to seize the burgeoning opportunities within the crypto markets.

About Our Company

Operating under the umbrella of a prestigious global crypto trading enterprise, our London-based subsidiary spearheads the operations of Bitsoft 360. With a remarkable track record of developing five highly successful white-label solutions for the FX and stock trading industry, Bitsoft 360 represents our inaugural foray into the realm of B2C crypto trading.

From its inception, the Bitsoft 360 project has thrived, constantly striving for improvement to maintain its competitive edge. We toil ceaselessly to ensure that our cutting-edge crypto trading tools remain at the forefront of innovation. Discover the extraordinary potential of our 2024 offering by registering with us, exclusively on the official Bitsoft 360 website.

Why Was Bitsoft 360 Created?

The inception of Bitsoft 360 stemmed from the founders' vision to establish a hub catering to enthusiasts of cryptocurrency trading, aiming to educate them about Bitcoin, acquaint them with diverse trading strategies, and ultimately facilitate a seamless Bitcoin trading journey.

From its very inception, this platform has been driven by the objective of empowering traders to embrace their individualistic trading styles, select their preferred Bitcoin pairs, and define their own parameters to execute trades with utmost freedom.

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