Tips and tutorials

Bitsoft 360 makes crypto trading a breeze. Anyone with basic trading skills can trade with this trading platform.

Trading may seem easy, but the general rules of trading apply. You must follow the tips below to get the best out of the Bit Capex Pro 360 trading tools.

Use leverage cautiously – Leverage helps you make the most out of a small account. However, you need to use it cautiously since it magnifies losses. The level of leverage applied to your account must correspond with your risk appetite.

Diversify with different cryptocurrencies – Diversification helps you minimize the trading risk. Trade at least five crypto pairs simultaneously to distribute the risk. Diversifying your trades will reduce the risk associated with trading one pair.

Apply the Stop Loss and Take Profit features – These features helps traders filter out emotions in trading. Bad decision-making in trading is mostly attributed to fear and greed. The Stop Loss and Take Profit tools will help you predetermine when a trade should be closed.

Treat trading as a business – Treating trading as a business means having trading goals and a trading plan. You should follow the trading plan religious to get the best trading outcome. We offer you tools to help you build a robust trading plan.